My name is Alex Bennée. I am FLOSS (Free, Libera and Open Source) developer based in South Wales. This collection of superficially glossy HTML is my excuse for a home page.

Who am I

  • I am a geek hacker who writes code
  • I trained as a scientist, I still ask questions.
  • I am a fan of Linux because it is versatile and I can play with it.
  • I am into the concept of free and open source software. There is a lot to be said for not re-inventing the wheel.

What's on this website?

Nothing much any more apart from my blog where most of my long form pontifications are. I pushed most of the hosting onto other sites (see the links up top).

I also post short random musings on Mastodon. The posts used to be mirrored on TwitterX? but since Elon's takeover the APIs no longer work and I very rarely visit these days.