My name is Alex Bennée. I am a Wales based software developer. This collection of superficially glossy HTML is my excuse for a home page.

Who am I

  • I am a geek hacker who writes code
  • I trained as a scientist, I still ask questions.
  • I am a fan of Linux because it is versatile and I can play with it.
  • I am into the concept of free and open source software. There is a lot to be said for not re-inventing the wheel.

What's on this website?

Nothing much any more apart from my blog where most of my long form pontifications are. I pushed most of the hosting onto other sites (see the links up top).

I also post short random musings on Mastodon. I am also experimenting with Diaspora for longer posts. Some of those posts are mirrored on Twitter although I don't visit that site often.

What happened to the old site?

It was bit-rotting badly so it has been retired. There were a bunch of other bits and pieces which still live on in the version control repository which can be resurrected if you really want. Contact me if you want any of that.

Not that one!

Well spotted, yes I have migrated again from Wordpress to a static site generator called Pelican.